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What I'm Reading - October 2017

What I'm Reading - October 2017


I'm not too sure what it is about fall that puts me into straight reading mode. Could it possibly be the cooler temperatures, leggings, sweaters, and the crackling of the fire place? Or is it the smell in the air? Because come on, fall totally has a smell. If I'm honest, it's a mixture of all of it.

Fall sends me down a nostalgic path. It makes me want to slow down a bit and spend time on the things and with the people that really matter. And I'm not sure if it's just me, but fall feels almost like the start of something, and I suppose it is. It makes me want to better myself, to educate myself, and what better way to do that than to read? 

This month, I'm sharing with you three of my current reads that I think you'll enjoy just as much as I have been. 


Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out - Jolene Hart

My dad got this book for me for my birthday after my friend Jadah recommended it to me. Honestly, I couldn't speak more highly of it! It's informative and inspirational. Author Jolene Hart talks about how what we eat truly affects how we look on the outside - from our shiny hair (or the lack thereof), to clear skin, and what causes blemishes; what foods make us tired, what foods make us bloated, etc. 

She breaks down each season of the year and talks about what happens to our bodies during those seasons. Then she gives an entire list of foods we should eat during these months and lists the benefits behind these foods. Also included in this book are a ton of yummy recipes for each season.

I haven't finished reading it all the way through yet, only because I'm taking my time through each of the seasons. It's truly enlightening! 

Present Over Perfect - Shauna Niequist

Another recommendation from my friend Jadah, this book is a book you'll want to take in little by little, yet devour all at once. The way Niequist writes and portrays life is beautiful, to say the least.

She speaks so eloquently about how we spend our lives trying to do it all, trying to be it all. But to live a life that is truly full of joy, truly present, and truly fulfilling, we won't be able to do it all, we won't be able to be it all. It's not about perfect moments, but it's about making moments count. 

I haven't finished it yet because I keep finding myself stopping to just take in everything each chapter brings my way. Highly, highly recommend this book.


Next Generation Leader - Andy Stanley

I just got this book yesterday, but I thought I'd throw it into my October reading list. I'm already well into the first chapter, and I've highlighted half of it. Ha! The first chapter is talking all about how, if we want to be an effective leader, we can't just learn to balance everything we know how to do and hope that gets the job done. Instead, we need to hone in 2-3 of our talents or skills that we know are "our things" and really pour ourselves into those. Then pour into the people underneath us and help them find "their things" that they can pour themselves into.

This would be an amazing book for a leader who thinks that they have to do it all - which is most of us, am I right? I know that oftentimes I feel so much stress trying to get so many various things done, when in all actuality I could be allowing a lot of other people to help me in those areas, and I can focus on the things that I know I'm good at. Not too sure if this is all making sense - Andy Stanley explains it much, much better. ;)

Definitely recommend this book for anyone in ministry, or even just anyone in a leadership position - whatever that position may be. 

Alrighty, well...that concludes my reading guide for this month! If you have any recommendations as to what I should read next, please leave a comment down below! I would love to hear what you think I should be reading! 

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