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Nighttime Essentials.

Nighttime Essentials.


Once upon a time, I was a tired and broke college student who didn't care about anything but how many hours of quality sleep I could fit into a five hour window. (Trying to get eight hours of sleep in five hours ring a bell?) I didn't care about night creams, I hadn't invested in a nice pair of pajama's, and I genuinely thought essential oils were a hoax -- how could they help me sleep better? Girl, please.

I remember coming home from school so happy to finally have my own bed back. After sharing a dorm with roommates for four years, I was ready to make my room my haven. It's been a process, for sure, because the broke college student budget doesn't just go away once you leave college (#thestruggleisreal). But I can now say my room is almost entirely how I envisioned it to be when I first came home.

Okay, but that's completely besides the point. Today I want to share with you the amazing products that help me wind down and fall asleep at night. 

01. Lavender Zum Mist - Okay, so I first was introduced to this product while watching a Cambria Joy video and honestly I bought it just because she made it look so amazing. When I ordered it, I was a little wary because I wasn't sure if the lavender scent would be too strong for me at night. But from the moment I sprayed it on my pillows, I was hooked. It's the most subtle scent and I don't know how it works but I promise I fall asleep within two minutes flat every time I use it. I'm halfway through my bottle and I'm already planning on re-ordering it before my first bottle runs out so I don't have to go a night without using it. I bring it on trips with me, too. I'm obsessed and slightly addicted. I buy mine off of iHerb.com, and they carry every other scent too. With the $10 price tag, I'm most definitely going to try other scents. 

02. A nice pair of cotton pajamas - I used to bum it every night to bed, and clearly there's nothing wrong with that, but my mom always taught me it's nice to take care of the way you look even when you're the only one who is seeing what you look like. I absolutely love buying matching pairs of pajamas. I have a pair for every night of the week - but if I'm being completely real with you, sometimes I wear the same pair a few nights in a row. Guilty. This is a total preference thing, obviously, but I just feel so much nicer and relaxed when I'm wearing something put together for bed.

03. Memory foam pillows - I got mine from Costco for $9.95 total, seriously what a steal and totally solidifies my absolute obsession with Costco. I totally get that memory foam pillows are an acquired taste. At first, mine were way too firm for my neck at night, but eventually I broke them in and now I can't sleep without them. 

04. Lip balm - Especially now that we're in the colder months, my lips tend to get chapped really fast. And a lot of times, I'm lazy and it takes my lip splitting and bleeding to get me to realize "Oh hey, I might need some lip balm." That's why I like to keep a tube or two on my nightstand. I apply it right before I go to sleep and when I wake up my lips are perfectly moisturized. 

05. A plush throw -  I usually only sleep with a throw blanket during the fall/winter months, but it stays on my bed at all times. It's the perfect addition to make your bed feel extra cozy, and there's really nothing else to it. Right now I have my eyes on this one, this one, and this one

06. Candles. There's no description needed. Just candles. Candles, everywhere.

07. The last thing I need to fall asleep at night - and I really do mean need... is my noise maker. I have this app on my phone called "Rain, Rain" and it's the best thing ever... I don't say that lightly. There are so many different sounds to fall asleep to, even a dog snoring which I'm not sure who would even want that, but the point is: there's something for everyone. :) 

Do you consider any of these your night time essentials? What else do you use? 

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