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4 Habits You Should Be Starting NOW

4 Habits You Should Be Starting NOW

When I was a little girl, probably no older than seven or eight years old, till the time I was a teenager (or maybe until I was twenty, if we're being real...) I truly thought that one day, I was just going to magically have it all together. I thought that once I became an adult, my room would always be clean, I'd magically love eating healthy foods and working out, and that I'd be amazing with the money that my amazing job provided me with. Oh, how naïve and wrong my little mind was...

I'm a firm believer that anything you want to happen in the future, you will have to work on now. That goes for anything. If you are insecure now, you won't magically wake up one day and not be confident. If you're always late, you won't just start showing up 15 minutes early out of nowhere. It takes intention. (Can you tell that's like my theme for 2018? Cause girrrrrrl, it is.) You won't just one day become a wife who knows how to cook three course meals, and clean up your entire house with the point of a finger. (But we can dream, can't we now...) 

Let's go ahead and discuss 4 habits you should be starting now.

01. Declutter your life.

Why is this such a popularly discussed topic on so many lifestyle blogs? Well uh, probably because, just like me, the average twenty something woman really doesn't have her stuff together as much as she'd like the rest of us to believe she does. I'm not saying that every single woman my age struggles with clutter, but I feel like this is a wide-spread issue for a lot of us, whether that be an overpopulated closet, a bathroom cabinet that needs organization, or a messy car. And you, the one with 2,000 unread emails in your inbox? Yeah girl, I'm looking at you.

Let's not pin point one end goal here. Some women want kids, some don't, or can't have kids. Some women want a career, other's don't. Whatever your five or ten year plan looks like, a successful woman has as little clutter involved as she possibly can. A successful woman isn't perfect, but she is on top of her stuff, and her closet probably doesn't look like mine currently does at the moment...

Get rid of the things you never wear. YOU HEARD ME. And if you think you'll wear something again, trust me -- you won't. That plaid skirt has been sitting in my closet since my sophomore year of college, and I've worn it three times.

Take time to get rid of books you'll never read again, products you hated but keep around "just in case" (first of all, ew. those things come with an expiration date), consolidate, embrace minimalism. There are so many resources out there all about minimalism nowadays, read one! It doesn't mean you have to throw away all of your clothes and live with a capsule wardrobe. But you will feel so much better about your life if you get rid of the things that are cluttering your space. Cluttered space, cluttered mind, y'all.

02. Take care of your skin.

Unfortunately, there are so many things we expose ourselves to on an everyday basis that are the breeding ground for uneven skin tones, wrinkles, and all that other good stuff. I'm only twenty-three, but I really want to start investing in some anti-aging skin care. I'm trying to look like Halle Berry when I'm her age! Have you seen the woman? 

I don't wear sunscreen, I'll just say it. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's just one of those things I never think about (like flossing, can I get a witness?). But this year, I truly want to take better care of my skin - and that starts with protecting it from harmful sun rays. (Leave a comment below with your favorite sun screen!) 

Practical ways to take care of your skin are:

  • investing in a good sun screen
  • investing in some anti-aging products
  • eating right. Do you even realize how much what you put in your body effects your skin? Read up, girl. It's amazing.

03. Taking time for yourself.

I knew this girl who would take breaks from her friends. Like for weeks at a time. Whatever floats your boat, but to me, that's a bit extreme. I will say, though, that I understand and appreciate the concept. We need time alone. We need time to recharge -- whether that's ten minutes alone in your car with a cup of coffee, or an hour alone each night in the bath tub (I'm not a bath kinda girl, give me a hot shower). Being alone is healthy, it's good for you, it helps you recharge and not go off on someone. Can we be honest for a second? 

You have to learn to recognize when you just need a minute (or two, or three, or one hundred and twenty...) and you know what? You should never apologize for just needing a minute (or two, or three...). People will respect your boundaries and respect that you just need a second to think, or to not think, to just be a l o n e . In the end, you'll have that much more to give or to pour out when you're needed most. It helps you and the people around you... you're welcome.

04. Self-reflection

One thing I am earnestly trying to become better at this year is self-reflection. Instead of blowing up on someone or about something when I've reached my wits end, I'm trying to note the problem waaayy before that happens. If something makes  me feel insecure, or hurts my feelings, I'm working on stopping right there in that moment, and addressing why it bothers me. My biggest thing that I absolutely hate is when I'm bothered that I'm bothered. Like, when you realize something is not even a big deal at all, but you can't help but feel bothered by it? WORKS. MY. NERVES. 

A habit you need to be starting this year, if you haven't already, is being brutally honest with yourself. I don't care how "new age-y" it sounds. I think it's healthy. What made you happy today? What worked your patience today? What made you cry today? What makes you insecure, feel less than, feel superior, feel inferior? Write it down. Address it. Change it. See how your life improves.

These are just a few tips for taking a jump-start approach at living your best life. It's not going to just come to you all of a sudden, but it is a compilation of little things, sewn together with intention, that will get you to that best life. 



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