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How Embracing a Paleo Lifestyle Can Benefit YOU in 2018

How Embracing a Paleo Lifestyle Can Benefit YOU in 2018

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*insert all of the eye roll emojis here.* 

I wish I could say that just because January is here, I'm already thriving and flourishing in all of the New Years' goals I created for myself. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty much a level 12 disaster. (No, I'm just kidding -- well, kind of.) 

I'm just going to be honest... my eating habits are NOT what I'd like them to be right now. So, I'm going back to the basics and going back to what I am absolutely confident works for me. What is that? Well I'm glad you asked!

Repeat after me. "PALEO." 

Paleo isn't for everyone. It can be pretty restrictive, if you're addicted to sugar and junk food, haha. But if you're wanting to lose weight, clear up your skin, or just all around become a healthier individual, it's honestly the best -- in my opinion. 

So, what exactly is the paleo lifestyle and what all does it entail? The dictionary definition (yes, there is one) says that it is "a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food." (Thanks, Google.) 

In a nutshell? It's gluten free, sugar free, processed free. Clean eating at its finest. I mentioned in my skin story post that I did a somewhat paleo diet when I was trying to clear up my skin, but since then, I've fallen off the bandwagon. Honestly though, it made me feel so good. I have hypoglycemia, and gluten tends to make me feel sluggish and foggy. Within a few days of cutting it out of my diet, I had so much more energy and all around felt amazing. 

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Going paleo, to me, means...

  • Becoming more conscious about what I put into my body. This means looking at ingredients, taking time to search out the benefits of certain ingredients, etc.
  • Not being lazy and eating a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. Instead, being proactive and taking the time to make something that will fuel my body for the day. i.e. an omelette with veggies or a protein smoothie.
  • Researching body-feuling foods. When I did paleo in the past, I was obsessed with looking up the health benefits of certain foods. I loved reading that cucumbers could help with flushing out toxins and that broccoli was anti-inflammatory. It helped me want to eat those foods.
  • Finding creative ways to cook those healthy foods. I'm sorry, but I just can't eat a piece of chicken and some veggies every single day of my life. I'd get bored within two days, literally. I love that paleo requires me to do a little bit of digging to find different ways to cook these foods that are delicious and easy. With resources like Pinterest and Google, there honestly is no limit. 
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Let's talk about the benefits of going paleo...

  • Skin. There are so many skin benefits when it comes to a paleo lifestyle. First of all, there are several hormones in cow's milk that completely mess with the hormones in our bodies. Eliminate those, and you'll be amazed as your skin starts to clear up. And I think it goes without saying, but I'll just say it: the more junk you take out of your system, the more flawless your skin will be. The good foods you'll be replacing the junk food with are going to boost your skin's glow and perfection -- guaranteed.
  • Weight. Obviously, this may not be a factor for everyone, but I honestly believe the second you take away junk food, and start feeding your body healthy, whole foods, your system will naturally just start work itself out. (I am using such biological terms, I KNOW.) 
  • Health - I shouldn't really even need to touch on this, it's been the entire point of this post. But for the people in the back... The moment you stop feeding your body junk and start feeding it foods that it needs, you'll see such a change. I can't believe how quickly my cravings for junk food just disappeared. And when I'd fall off the bandwagon, I'd be sick to my stomach. There are soooooooooo many replacements out there for some of your favorite junk foods - you'd be surprised. I know Whole 30 is kind of against this mindset, but I really don't see a problem with it. Make the avocado brownies, for crying out loud! (I'm no expert, please don't quote me on that...)

As I get more in depth in my study of paleo, and finding what works for me/what doesn't work for me, I'll be posting updates + recipes here on the blog.

If you have any suggestions/recipes/tips, let me know in the comments section below. I'm seriously so excited and so ready to make this lifestyle change! I've done it before and it has benefitted me so much... this time I'm ready to make it permanent! 


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