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The World Needs Your Song

The World Needs Your Song

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I believe that everyone has a calling - something that is uniquely theirs, given to them by God. I believe everyone's calling is different, though it may be similar to someone else's. You are called to reach people I will never be able to reach. You will be able to love people I'll never get a chance to even meet. Your calling is unique and tailored specifically for you. And I think that is pretty amazing.

I've always felt called to write. As a little girl, I was always typing up some story on my computer, creating different characters, their personalities, where they lived. I had (and have, lets be real) a wild imagination. Writing was - in the greatest sense of the word - an escape for me. When I was fourteen years old, I started writing songs. I don't even remember writing half of them. I'd just sit down to the piano, and play a few chords, and the words would just come scribbled out onto the paper. 

It wasn't until I was a freshman in bible college that I realized God had placed a special anointing on my songs. I don't say any of this for any reason other than to share what God has done in my life. Like I said, callings are truly given to us by Him and for His purpose.

I had gone through a lot of things in my short amount of time here on the earth, and I realized that I felt so much compassion for people who had gone through similar things. Through the music God had given me, I watched as people started to find their healing that they had needed for such a long time. It was beautiful and I felt so thankful that God used me as the channel for that healing to flow.

When I was a senior in bible college, one of my professors - and close friend - called me into his office and told me he wanted to give me something as a "graduation gift". Before giving it to me, he told me that he really believed in me and my calling. He reminded me of the story of Paul and Silas, and when they were in prison, they began to sing, and it talks about how even the prisoners heard their song.

He told me that what God had gifted me with was the gift of music and song-writing, and how God would use that gift to help free "prisoners", so to speak, of their chains and their bondage. The gift he gave me was a mug, and all it says on it is. "Don't stop writing. Don't stop singing. The world needs your song." 

I say all of that to say this: 

The world is a broken place. 

That's no secret. I didn't even need to tell you that. But it is, and sometimes we do need reminding. We talk about changing the world, making it a better place. We've heard songs written about it, we vote for the president based on who we think can make our nation better, we create laws hoping that it'll fix the problem. But it won't. The world will keep getting more and more lost and broken.

One of my favorite quotes is by Rachel Joy Scott who was one of the first people to be killed during the Columbine massacre. She was determined to change the world with a chain-reaction of kindness. That was her song. This is what she said, "Compassion is the greatest form of love that humans have to offer. I have this theory that if one person, can go out of their way to show compassion, it could start a chain reaction."

So today, I want to ask you this. 

What is your song? What is that thing you feel called to do, though it may not seem like a huge, monumental deal, could actually help change your world? What is your calling? What is the thing you feel tugging on your heart every single night? It could be that very thing that could pull people from the darkness of this world. Your song can heal someone's heart. Your song can help someone recover from addiction, suicidal thoughts, low-self esteem, depression. You can help someone believe in themselves again and that, they too, have a song. There is no limit.

If you haven't realized it yet - we weren't put on this earth for ourselves.

What is your song? Go out and sing it. 




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