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Interview with Robbie Tripp

Interview with Robbie Tripp

You guys don't even understand how excited I am about this post! Robbie Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick (who I talked about in this post) agreed to answer some questions for me and for you guys! If you're a creative or an entrepreneur - or have dreams of becoming a creative or entrepreneur - you need to read through this Q+A session! 


+ Give us some background on how you got into this empire you’ve created with your wife, Sarah! You guys are completely inspirational, by the way.

Sarah and I started Sassy Red Lipstick in 2013 and it’s crazy to look back and see how far it’s come! Sarah was always so naturally fashionable and followed popular bloggers like Blair Eadie and Rach Parcell throughout college. When I met her, I encouraged her to start her own fashion blog, something she’d been considering for a while but had never pulled the trigger. I built her first blog on WordPress , took her first photos, and… five years later we have this amazing worldwide platform we’ve grown together! I love working alongside my beautiful wife and we feel lucky to have so many amazing followers—like you!—who show us so much love and support.

+ One of the main reasons I started Notes in My Drawer was because I fell in love with the idea that I could create my life to be absolutely anything I wanted it to be – and I wanted to show other young women that they could do the same. One of the main things you talk about frequently, and even did a TEDx Talk on is that millennials are changing the world. Are there any pieces of advice you could give about creating that dream life and how those dreams could change the world?

I love that! Good for you. So many people put their life on autopilot and just go from work to home, pay bills and watch a TV shows in between and not much else. Life is about creating something! Life is about chasing your passions! It is difficult to build and create and dream but it’s a far more satisfying life than people who live in comfortable mediocrity. My only advice is to identify your passion and DO THAT! That’s it! That’s the simple recipe for a positive and fulfilling life. Don’t worry about others say, don’t worry about what’s “realistic”, just do what makes you happy and forget the rest.

  This post  talks all about the sweet Instagram post Robbie wrote about his wife, Sarah! It is one of the main reasons I started following him! 

This post talks all about the sweet Instagram post Robbie wrote about his wife, Sarah! It is one of the main reasons I started following him! 

+ Right now I’m doing an 8-week series about living intentionally – and I’m giving away your book Create Rebellion in one of the posts (YAY!!) – Could you share something intentional you do that you believe has made all the difference in your life/career?

That’s amazing! Thanks so much for including my book in your series! My intention has always been this: Do at least one thing a day that gets you closer to accomplishing your goals. I never want a day to pass where I haven’t done something to push me toward my dreams. Fortunately, I’m in a position where I spend most days reaching toward my goals. But on days where I have other stuff going on, maybe I’ll just send one email to a hopeful connection and count that as my one thing for the day. Whatever it may be, I’m always pushing toward my goals. And guess what? Over the past five years, all those days have really added up and that is why I am where I am today. Be intentional every day and one day in the future I promise you’ll look back and see how far it’s taken you.

+ You are very bold when it comes to addressing “haters”. What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a dream, but is afraid of what people might think?

I’ve had haters my whole life! There’s a quote attributed to Albert Einstein I love that says: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” I’ve always believed in myself and had a very clear vision of where I wanted to go in life. That scares some people and makes them feel insecure about themselves, and when people feel that way, they often act out in a negative way. Haters hate you because they hate themselves. If you’re getting opposition, it means you’re doing something right! You are stepping out of the norm and breaking the chains of complacency. Never stop! At the end of the day, what people say doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are happy with your life and your dreams.

 Image Source: Sassy Red Lipstick

Image Source: Sassy Red Lipstick

 Sarah's blog is one of my  favorites  to read! 

Sarah's blog is one of my favorites to read! 

+ Have you ever faced a time in your life, since pursuing this lifestyle you and Sarah have, where you got discouraged and thought maybe it isn’t worth all the hard work? Or maybe you would never actually make anything of it? How did you fight past those feelings, if so?

I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I’ve always been confident we would be successful. So I never really thought about turning back because I knew it was only a matter of time. There’s no defeat for people who refuse to give up. That being said, there were—and still are—lots of days when it is hard and very draining. Any entrepreneurial endeavor requires you to take a risk and we definitely had days where we felt like the risk was scary. Plus, being a public figure on social media brings a lot of hate and negativity and just plain old nastiness, so that can get exhausting sometimes. At the end of the day, we just remember that we are chasing our dreams and trying to spread positivity in this world. Whenever you’re discouraged, it’s important to tune out all the noise and remember why you started. It’s okay to have a down day, as long as you get back on the horse the next day and go full steam ahead. Never let them see you sweat!

+ Any other little pieces of advice or knowledge you want to share with us? 

Your dreams are valuable and they are an extension of yourself. You are valuable. Your creations are valuable. Even if you feel like no one sees what you’re doing on social media or you’re not moving toward success as quickly as you’d like, you need to remember that you are doing this for you, because you have a calling to create. Once you stop creating for the masses and creating because it’s your passion, you’ll be happier and that authenticity will shine through in everything you do. Keep creating!

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