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Living Intentionally Week 2: What Do You Dream?

Living Intentionally Week 2: What Do You Dream?

Lately I've really been thinking about what my dreams are. Everyone has a dream, if not multiple. This past weekend, I was chatting with a friend of mine. It wasn't a deep, soul-searching talk, but it was so simple - and she inspired me. She currently runs her own interior design business - and she's honestly incredible. I mean, total girl boss situation over here. And I was just listening to her talk about these bloggers and designers who inspire her, and I'm like "YOU INSPIRE ME." 

As I sat there, slightly envious of how creative she is (in the nicest way, of course), I didn't leave the conversation feeling defeated. I didn't leave feeling like: "Well, that's her story. I'll never get to live out my dreams like that." Quite the opposite, actually. I left the conversation inspired. I left the conversation wanting to better myself and chase my dreams even more.


If you haven't had a chance yet, I encourage you to stop reading this post and take a second to read this post. My interview with Robbie Tripp wasn't anything like I thought it'd be. He's another person who just oozes creativity, and - if it's okay to say this - someone I'm almost in awe of. The amount of work he and his wife Sarah have put into living out their dreams is deeply inspiring. Again, I left this interview wanting to chase my dreams even more. 

Surround yourself with people in your everyday life who push you to chase inspiration and chase your dreams. 

Whatever your dream may be - to become a doctor, content creation, interior design, owning your own coffee shop, whatever - it is attainable. I think we believe the lie that "So and so can do it, but they're just lucky." I really just don't believe luck is a factor here. I believe it's a matter of chasing after something relentlessly.

Look at that word: relentless. 

It means: oppressively constant; incessant. Oppressively constant. I love that. Dreams don't come true to people who are not constant, who are not incessant, who are not relentless. They just don't. Dreams come true for people who go out there and do something about it. People who teach themselves what they need to know, who apply themselves, who surround themselves with people who are creative, and who are equipped where we lack, who encourage us. That's who dreams come true for. 

Something Robbie mentioned in the interview was how he does at least one thing a day to help him reach his goals. One simple thing a day. It's so easy to get our heads stuck in the clouds about how amazing our dream life would be, or how exciting our goals are. But it's much more difficult to actually get out there and do little things every single day to help us further our goals and our dreams. Am I making sense here?


Your dream - that dream life you want so desperately, the thing that keeps you awake at night, the goal you want to reach so badly - is so beyond attainable. But it'll require work. Are you willing to be intentional with your life so much so that you make this dream happen for yourself? Start thinking of what that dream is, and list 3 things that you can do to make that dream come true. Your dream life doesn't have to remain just that: a dream life. It can be so much more than that if you want it to be.

I guess I'm just realizing, as I get older, that no one is going to hustle for me. People will definitely help me along the way. I totally believe God brings people into our lives to help us and help further our dream, so to speak. But I'm the only one who can put in the work, and teach myself what I need to know. I'm the only one who's going to be able to pour myself into this 110%. 

I want to reach my dreams intentionally - because that's the only way that I'm going to reach them: by giving it all that I've got, by being absolutely relentless. I want to live an intentional and relentless lifestyle. Maybe this post isn't for you, but it's for me. This past week was just so inspiring. I encourage you this week to spend some time with someone who inspires you - even if that means watching a Youtube video of someone you're inspired by (no one said you've gotta know that person in real life, ha!). 

What's a dream that you have that you've been pushing off for a while? Or what is something that inspires you when you're feeling uninspired? Leave a comment and encourage someone. 

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