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My Room Decor + How To Find Your Style

My Room Decor + How To Find Your Style

It's been two years since I graduated and moved home from college. (Or has it been three? No, two. Feels like a lifetime.) Since then, my room has seen quite the transformation. I don't know what it is but I am always wanting to change something about my room. Pinterest doesn't help much, either (I would like it all, and I would like it delivered.) 

During my time in college, though, my mom always helped me with my room decor. She is the decorator of the home for sure and she always made sure my dorm room felt like home. (She even has her own interior design company!) Even though my dorm room was always beautifully decorated, it was never things that I picked out. I just told her the colors I wanted and the feel I was going for, and with the exception of a few pieces here and there, she pretty much handled everything.

Here are a few photos of my dorm room throughout college. Note the Instagram filters + borders, please. I was (and still am) the Queen of Instagram. Side note: looking through some of these photos kind of made me feel a little bit sad and nostalgic. Tell me I'm not the only one who gets sad looking through old photos? Not like I necessarily miss that time in my life, but I miss that "version" of myself, if you will. Does that even make sense? ANYWAY, let's hop into the pics - shall we?


Freshman year! I was a baby and was super into eclectic things. Y'all. I had to dig into the confines to find some of these photos. I was always a little bit of a free spirit, just wanted anything different. I was so excited and so happy to be in California. Okay Taylor, chill -- that's not what this post is about. This room was completely sentimental. The quilt on my bed is from my Oma, the canvas's on my wall were from my friend - she made them for me as a going away gift. The stuffed animal was one I made when I was 10. I lost him that year and sobbed. And I'm so sad but I cannot remember who made me those pillows! But they were so cute and sweet.


Sophomore year. I loved my decor in this room. So vibrant and fun, and my room felt so homey! I was into colors for a hot minute. Oh, and Christmas lights. Those were my jam (still are, if I'm being honest.) 


And then finally - here's junior year. Yes, folks. I did go for a 4th year, I just have no clue where those dorm photos are... I actually don't know if I have any. I had pretty much given up on my room by that point. This was probably my favorite decor moment of my 4 years in college. My favorite thing (which I wish I still had, by the way.) is that sign over in the left corner that says "YOU ARE HERE." 

I was in San Francisco with some friends, and we were somewhere by Golden Gate park. There was a wedding going on, and just outside the venue was this sign attached with zip-ties to a gate. We went to the wedding venue and asked the florist if we could borrow her stem cutters. I cut this off and carried it around with me for the rest of the day. Just a silly, special, sentimental memory. I am literally the most sentimental person you'll ever meet- if you haven't already figured that out.

ALRIGHT, let's fast forward & get to the main point of this post- shall we???

It wasn't until I graduated from college that I really started developing my own style. I knew I wanted something clean and fresh looking, almost minimalistic. Oh come on, you know that whole look that's going on right now. Joanna Gaines meets Anthropologie meets elegant meets a field full of daisies. I wanted white. I wanted flowers. I wanted metallics. And I wanted simple. Something very, very different than my 4 years at college, and waaaay different than my years leading up to college (I don't even think I have any photos of that era, thank God.) At the same time though, I still wanted something that would allow me to keep the pieces that were most special to me. There goes that sentiment, again... (-_-) 

Want me to show you the finished product? Of course you do! (Keep in mind I'm using the word "finished" loosely, here... I'm still changing and rearranging things everyday in this room.) 

 Note the nastiness the price sticker left on my picture frame. -_- Anyone have any tips on how to get that gunk off??? #reallife

Note the nastiness the price sticker left on my picture frame. -_- Anyone have any tips on how to get that gunk off??? #reallife


If I'm being honest, right now I'm all about decor that makes me look forward to coming home. Decor that makes me want to take care of my room and keep it tidy. I don't want decor that makes me feel like "eh, whatever. If my room gets messy, it's cool." But I also want a livable space. Have I contradicted myself too much yet? 

I knew when I redid my room that I wanted lots of bright colors and I wanted flowers - even if they were fake. There's something about flowers (real or fake), that just brighten up any room. Seriously. But I know that a bright room isn't for everyone. So here's where your wishes come into play.

Invest in neutral/staple pieces.

If you're like me, and you change moods frequently - get some neutral pieces that will be your "staple items", so to speak, while everything else remains interchangeable. My headboard is tan, tan goes with anything. It's a staple piece. My fur rug goes with just about anything, and so does my mirror. However, I can change my comforter or the picture on my wall at any time. 

Look at places like Home Goods for your interchangeable pieces. 

Look, there is nothing wrong with going crazy in the Anthropologie home section. I loooooove browsing their stores and online for home pieces. I have bought my mom several things from them. But they are things I know she will keep around for a while. If you're planning on changing your room frequently, buy those smaller pieces at places like Home Goods where they are more inexpensive. 

My fake flowers, picture frames, and room "accessories" - can we call them that?? - I've gotten from places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. I change them all. the. time. Seriously. But I'm cool with it because I didn't spend an arm and a leg on all of them.

Invest in a good comforter.

I don't even need to go into detail on this one. You sleep with it every day of your life and it is one of the most prominent pieces in your bedroom. Invest, girl. Get what you really, really want.

Use Pinterest for inspiration -- and then go from there.

A lot of times, I go to Pinterest for inspiration and then look online for something similar to what I saw in a picture. The cool thing about Pinterest, though, is a lot of the items are linked if you click on the picture! You can end up buying the exact headboard or dresser you saw in the photo. Nifty, huh? 

Two words: thrift. store.

I may or may not (cough cough, *may) be doing a post all about thrift store shopping because apparently some people are REALLY MISSING OUT ON SOME COOL STUFF. You can find sooooo many cool pieces at thrift stores. You'd be so shocked. Seriously. And you'll get those pieces for like $10 or less. You can't beat that, come on.

I am so excited I get to share my room with you all! And yes, I am quite looking forward to the day I'll have an apartment or a home to share with you all. (Soon and very soon...)

What is your current room situation? Are you in the process of re-doing it or have you finally found all of the pieces that make your heart soar? (Could I be anymore dramatic???) I'd love to hear what inspires you in the comment section below! 



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