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Living Intentional Week 3: Determining Your Focus ( + Checking Your Value System)

Living Intentional Week 3: Determining Your Focus ( + Checking Your Value System)

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HI MY FRIENDS. Wow, okay so it has been a hot MINUTE since I hopped on here to talk to you all. Like seriously, what is my deal? Okay, in all seriousness I've been swamped lately because #icantsayno to anybody or anything. (Working on that. We should do a Living Intentional post about people pleasing, yeah??) ANYWAY. Just because I have been MIA doesn't mean that I haven't been working on some fresh content for you all. I have a few different posts in my queue (including face shaving -- what?? and the "secret" to major volume AND touching on probiotics coming up -- yay) 

PS - today is Notes in My Drawer's 6th month-aversary (I promised myself to never be one of those girls in a relationship, so I think I'm allowed to be that girl with my blog -- ookaaayy??) So excited for the next 6 months! 

This week I am so excited to share this post with you all. One of my best friends in the world wrote a post for you all about determining your focus -- which, let's be real, we could all use some help with. (PS -- check out her blog {linked above} she's an amazingly talented writer, and she lives in NYC and travels the world #dreamlife) 

I think the beginning of this post alone shows that I could use some help with determining my focus. This post is guaranteed to inspire you to be intentional about your focus and how to get to the place you truly want to be in your life. After all, you're not just going to stumble there one day -- it truly takes determination and intentionality. Let's hop right into it and I'll let Chantel take over from here! 


Hello, loves!

My name is Chantel Rivera, and I am so excited to be writing this article for you all. I love Notes In My Drawer, and I hope you have been following along with the Live Intentional Series. I’ve read some amazing things so far and I am always left with something to think about. This week I get to share my heart with you on determining your focus and checking your value system. Both go hand in hand when it comes to going after that dream you have tucked away in the back of your mind.

No matter what stage of life you may find yourself isn’t there always something we are looking ahead to? Wanting and praying for. As I’ve gotten older I have found that these things aren’t material, but rather the type of person I want to be or milestones I want to achieve. Intentional Living is all about purposeful actions to get you where you want to be. That doesn’t mean you won’t run into a few road blocks. In fact, I hope you do so that when you get to your destination you’ll have a story to tell and wisdom to share. In order to make that connection between dreams or goals (whatever you want to call it) being a thought in your mind to a tangible reality, you have to set your focus.

Wanting something and going after it are two separate things. I can want to become the greatest ballet dancer in the world. I can believe that my grand jete will bring a tear to the eye of anyone who sees it, but if I don’t wake up every day and practice, those thoughts are but a figment of my imagination.

Determining your focus should do several things.

It should tell you where to spend your free time. What are you doing in those spare moments of the day? If you’re mindlessly scrolling or binging, know that it won’t get you closer to your goal. Be intentional with your time. Do small things, consistently, that move you towards your destination and watch it add up over time.

Determining your focus should also start making all other things you are doing start pushing you towards that goal (even in a small way). Now let me clarify something, because there is someone out there reading this who is about to dig a hole, climb in, and leave everything behind to start going after whatever it is they are thinking of right now. You cannot leave behind your responsibilities. I’m not saying to forsake all outside communication with your friends and family and become the lone wolf who only focuses on attaining what you want. That’s not the healthiest approach. What I am saying is to focus on what you are trying to achieve and cut out all the white noise and mindless activities around you. Rest and social interaction are also important parts of the journey as well. Who wants to be depleted or alone when it comes time to celebrate, ya know? We often complain there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Everyone has the same number of seconds in the day. Be intentional about how you spend yours.

Finally, when you’re focused, you need to get specific, but I’ll get back to that in just a minute.

Before you set your focus be sure it lines up with what you value. We often do or want things because other people want them for us, or the world tells us we need them. I learned a long time ago that I don’t want a lot of what the world tells me I must have in order to be happy. God has provided beyond my wildest dreams, and the desires He puts in me He is faithful to complete.

So, why is important to value what we go after rather than just blindly running towards something? Because if you don’t value what you’re pursuing, when things get hard, and they will, you are most likely to give up. If you happen to be one of those people who follow through no matter what, when you get to the end of it you’ll still be left unfulfilled. The part that really packs a punch; You will have spent so much time running after something that didn’t matter to you in the end.

I can’t tell you what you want and what is important to you. Only you know those things, or maybe you don’t and haven’t figured it out yet. Once you do know you must state very clearly what it is you are trying to achieve.

Complete this sentence:

I want to…                                                                                                                                         .

·       Deepen or begin a relationship with God

·       Graduate college

·       Pay off debt

·       Become healthier

·       Be comfortable in my own skin

Then go deeper and determine the specifics about your goal:

·       Do you want to pray more, want your faith to increase, want to read more?

·       Sure, you can graduate, but do you want to graduate with a 2.5, 3.6, 4.0?

·       How much of your debt do you want to pay off by a certain time?

·       Do you want to lower your blood sugar, or run a mile under X amount of minutes?

·       Are you trying to practice healthier self-thoughts, or are you trying to become comfortable spending time by yourself?

Be intentional, get specific, make a plan, and focus! You can get way more detailed than the examples I’ve given and that is exactly what you need to do. Stop throwing out these random ideas that give you no road map on how to get there. It is the worst thing when you ask for something, get it, but it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would. Well, you’ve got to get specific. In your plans, in your prayers, everything, but yes be open to change along the way (balance my friends, balance.) Above all make sure what you’re going after holds value in your eyes. For me, it’s not about trying to gain every material thing I can get my hands on, and I would suggest you don’t make all your goals material either. Everything new eventually fades. Invest in what will last and start today.

With Love,

- Chantel 

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