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Meet The Answer To All (Okay, Many...) of Your Skin Problems

Meet The Answer To All (Okay, Many...) of Your Skin Problems


Bloating? Inflammation? Large pores? Signs of aging? Dull skin? Saggy skin? K, we're about to address all of this. Like, for real. No, I have not discovered the be all, end all to cure all of your skin problems. (Will we ever?) HOWEVER -- I have discovered something that is pretty amazing. Seriously. Ready to meet this magic gadget?

Ice. Roller. 

You ever ran a cold ice cube over your face to shrink your pores? Yeah? Well, this is better. A million times better. I've been using mine consistently for two weeks now (and yes, I realize that doesn't seem like a long time), but the results are instantaneous -- I promise. 

I first read about ice rolling over on The Skinny Confidential and I was immediately intrigued. I honestly don't even know where to begin because I am just so EXCITED about this blog post! I feel like there's so much ground to cover and it maaaay be informational overload -- but WHO CARES, I'M PUMPED.

Alright, let's break it down shall we? 

What is ice rolling?

Simply put, you use this device (can we call it that???) that's been chillin' (pun very much intended) in your freezer overnight, for a few hours, whatever. You roll it on your face. I've heard some people go upward as to not pull on the skin, others go downwards to help with lymphatic drainage (lymphatic what??? yeah, we'll get into that, just hold on). I even take it down my neck. I'm positive it would help with shoulder/back inflammation and pain as well, I've heard of people doing that. It's an all around magic-worker, basically...

When should I use an ice roller?

Um, all the time? Jk. Here are some target areas ice rolling can help with.

After you shave or wax - It'll help soothe the skin that can get easily-irritated after shaving or waxing.

When you're sunburned - yesssss, girl.

When you're puffy - This tool will majorly help with those stubborn eye bags we get when we cry too much or don't get enough sleep. Not only that, but it helps with the puffiness you can get all over your face as well. 

During a bad breakout - Reduce redness/inflammation that a bad breakout can bring with your ice roller.

During allergy season - Yep. It helps with aallll dat. 

Lymphatic drainage - Okay, let's just go ahead and get into all that...

What is lymphatic drainage?

*Seriously, you'll want to read this to fully appreciate ice rolling and facial massage (also, do we want an entire post on facial massage? Let me know!) 

*Also, would like to note that ice rolling does not equal lymphatic drainage BUT it does help aid in it. Does that make sense?

Thank you to this article for helping me to break it down in simple terms, cause I am no scientist. Honestly, I just discovered lymphatic drainage a few weeks ago -- I'm still learning, too! 

Basically, we all have a lymph system. It's a part of our immune system and it's what helps to fight infections. (You ever feel your underarms hurt when you get the flu, or another virus? Yep, that's your lymphs helping your immune system to fight an infection!) My doctor told me your lymph nodes can get swollen from a simple paper cut... pretty crazy, huh? 

Your lymph is a clear fluid that is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells. It's also responsible for flushing out all of the bad stuff through your lymph nodes. (What I mentioned above.) Your blood vessels are pumped through your heart, right? Well, the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump. So basically, pressure caused by your blood vessels and your muscle movement are what push the lymphatic fluid around.

So in a nutshell? If you want a properly working immune system, lymphatic drainage is key, and ice rolling + facial massage can aid in that greatly. Seriously! Why? Let's break it down. 

Since ice rolling helps with lymphatic drainage, this is what you're going to see:

  • reduces the amount of water you're retaining. Like I said, the lymph system has no pump, it won't flow as easily which is why you can experience swelling and puffiness.
  • less swelling and blotchiness.
  • smaller, cleaner pores.
  • a speedy recovery in scar tissue.

Side note: I have mentioned a term called "facial massage" a few times already in this post, and I'm pretty positive I'm going to do an entire post on that as well - there are so many aspects to this thing... I told you it's information overload! 

Basically, ice rolling is the perfect thing to do when you're prepping for your day. It's going to reduce inflammation in your skin, tighten your skin, help with signs of aging, shrink your pores, and most importantly - aid in lymphatic drainage.

Any time you use it, you are going to see results - undoubtedly. But, if you want to see significant and lasting results, you're going to want to do it everyday. It's a game changer, girls! I promise I'm not just saying that. It's something I look forward to doing every day. 

Do you ice roll? Facial massage? What's an extra step in your skincare routine you're loving right now? I want to hear! 

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